Colinas del Rio

Colinas del Río is a apartment complex designed to delivier and enviorment that promotes quality of life to it’s recidentes. 24/7 security. Located in Buena Vista I, Colinas del Río allows easy and quick access to business, services and various means of public transport.

The project includes green areas, social and recreational areas with swimming pools, playground, parking for visitors, among other amenities.

Colinas del Río is a unique residential concept, our designers focused on making a pleasant, comfortable place, surrounded by nature and recreational areas designed for your enjoyment and tranquility. Improve your quality of life, Come and see the residential complex of the future in the present.


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Second Stage 69 M2 (3 rooms)

» First Leve RD$2,425,000

» Second Level RD$2,130,000

» Fourth Level RD$2,280,000 y 2,330,000

Third Stage 61 M2 (1 and 2 bedrooms)

» First Level RD$2,125,000

» Second Level RD$1,825,000

» Third Level RD$1,750,000

» Fourth Level RD$1,925,000

Third Stage 85 M2 (3 bedrooms)

» First Level RD$2,990,000 and RD2,960,000

» Second Level RD$2,465,000

» Third Level RD$2,425,000

» Fourth Level RD$2,469,000


Fecha: En proceso de construcción
Locación: Buena Vista I
Precios desde: $1,750,525.00
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